While your braces will come off or your aligners will be complete, your Deerwood Invisalign and braces treatment will not end for a while. Once your teeth are in their ideal position, you still must work to keep them there. This stage of your treatment plan is called retention.

Retention is not very difficult; it certainly is much easier than having your braces was. In general, the hardest part is just making it a habit. To help, many of our Windy Hill Invisalign and braces patients set daily timers to ensure that they remember to wear their retainers when needed. We also offer permanent retainers that take the habit out of retention.

More About Retention

From the moment your braces are off or your Invisalign aligners are completed, retention begins. For our Neptune Beach Invisalign and braces patients, this stage of treatment will last a minimum of 24 months. For some individuals, retention can be something they must work at the rest of their lives.

It is important that you take this part of treatment very seriously. If you do not, all the hard work you and our team have put into your treatment plan will be undone. And we do not want to see any of our Jacksonville Invisalign or braces patients lose the incredible results they have achieved.

Removable Retainer Care

If you were a Point Verda Beach Invisalign patient, you already know how to care for your retainers, as they are quite similar to your aligners. For those who were not, there are some things you should know about using removable retainers.

First, you must wear them as directed. If you do not, it will compromise the quality of your treatment and your teeth will start to move back towards their original positions. You also need to brush your retainer when you brush your teeth. This helps to keep it in its best condition while also ensuring that your teeth are healthy. Finally, when you take your retainer out to brush or floss, you need to make sure you keep it somewhere safe. As too many of our Windy Hill Invisalign patients have learned, when a retainer or aligner is not kept safe, it will get lost or thrown away.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of retainers our Deerwood Invisalign and braces patients can use.

Lingual Retainers

These are fixed retainers that are bonded directly to the teeth. These retainers are used on the lower teeth and are the best way to prevent your teeth from shifting as the retainer is permanently attached. Our Deerwood Invisalign and braces patients with these retainers must be careful with the bite, as an incorrect bite can cause the bonding material to break, allowing the teeth to quickly shift out of the preferred position. Just like removable containers, you need to keep it clean, but be cery careful when doing so.

Essix Retainers

This retainer is a transparent retainer that fits right over the teeth. If you are one of our Neptune Beach Invisalign patients, these retainers will feel right at home for you. There are no wires and these retainers are easy to wear. They are also incredibly affordable, making them the top choice for many patients.

Hawley Retainers

When you picture retainers, you likely picture the Hawley retainer. These retainers combine metal wires and sturdy acrylic to hold the teeth in the correct position. These are custom made to fit your mouth, so they are quite comfortable to wear. Many of our Jacksonville Invisalign and braces patients wear them to get the best results from their treatment.

So, which of these retainers will you use? Each of our Point Verda Beach Invisalign and braces patients are unique. Ask at your next appointment which retainer is right for you.