While more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, children and teens still make up the majority of our Jacksonville orthodontics patients. As such, we are experts at providing them with quality orthodontics care. To ensure they get the best care possible, we offer two-phase treatment as well as standard adolescent treatment.

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment begins as you would expect: with Phase I. This phase is completed when children are still quite young, usually between the ages of 7 and 10. Phase II is completed between the ages of 11 and 15. While Phase I focuses on preventing the problem from progressing and making it easier to treat later on, Phase II is about the actual correction of the problem. Two-phase treatment is only used when significant problems are present as a means to avoid invasive treatment later on in life. Our Jacksonville orthodontist is very discerning when it comes to recommending this form of treatment.

Adolescent Treatment

By the age of 12, most children will have all of their permanent teeth erupted and in place. This allows our team to see any problems with the teeth and bite. Since it is very unusual for these problems to correct on their own, it is best to opt for orthodontic treatment at this time.

Not only will entering treatment at this time save your child struggles later in life, but it is also the most common time to enter into treatment. This means that your child will not need to deal with any stigma attached to wearing braces as many of his or her peers will have them as well. Even kids who don’t need braces at this age wish they had them!

Also, during the teen years, there is still jaw growth occurring, which our Jacksonville orthodontist can use to her advantage, completing treatment quicker and with less discomfort. As a result, while there is never a bad age for orthodontic treatment, this age is certainly the best.

To schedule an appointment for your child, just give us a call. We cannot wait to work with you!