“I am very pleased with the respect and care that we were always treated. Great experience. We particularly love the trivia games.”
Tensi De S.

“Dr. Dopazo and her staff are lovely to work with and we had a great experience.”- Christy M.

“Dopazo Orthodontics were kind and helpful to my children and lovely to work with as a parent.”
Cindy J.

“We were extremely pleased with Grace’s experience. Dr. Dopazo and her staff were always very gentle and reassuring. Grace loved the monthly contests too.”
Becky W.

“I was a patient at this office when I was a teenager and I returned many years later with my own teen. The people here are so kind, accommodating and professional; I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends or family.”
Logan R.

“Dopazo Orthodontics Practice offers the flexibility in working with our dentist to ensure the health and appearance of our daughter’s teeth. Thank you for going above and beyond in providing care.”
Michael M.

“A wonderful experience especially Jane and Ethel and Michelle, she is excellent! Always so informative and accommodating! Huge asset to your business!”
Marcelle M.

“Overall – very good experience all around.”
Shari T.

“Transition from Dr. Frank to Dr. Dopazo was seamless. We felt well taken care of and Dr. Dopazo seems like a perfectionist – not a bad thing in dentistry!”
Maggie M.

“We have had a very positive experience with Dr. Dopazo, Ethel, and everyone here! Dr. Dopazo is always available to answer questions, and she takes a personal interest in her patients. Katie is always at ease here. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the support we received before, during, and after Katie’s surgery. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else for Katie’s care. We are forever thankful to Dr. Dopazo.”
Carol S.

“Growing up in a family of dentists, I recognize excellence. Dr. Dopazo is in the same class of skilled and caring professionals that my father and brother are.”
Brad M.

“Lillie’s teeth were a complete mess, so I’m thrilled because they look fantastic. She was so self-conscious that she hated to smile big and so she’s basically a different person and has more confidence. We’re all thrilled. Thank you!”
Leslie K.

“Dr. Dopazo and Staff are extremely courteous, Knowledgeable and caring. We have had a fabulous experience.”
Antonia H.

“I always felt welcomed and comfortable every time I came here!”
Lacey M.

“I was always treated respectfully and informed of my progress. The staff is always very friendly.”
Lisa H.

“Dopazo Orthodontics has a very friendly, professional and seasoned staff. Each visit was a great experience. My children looked forward to going to their appointments.”
Robyn S.

“We have been extremely pleased with all of the personal care and concern offered us during Danielle’s orthodontic treatment.”
Lynn O.

“The staff is friendly and genuine. Dr. Dopazo is super sweet. The timeline for the length of treatment was accurate.”
K. E.

“The staff was extremely helpful with changes of schedule and the open easy way of talking to Dr. Dopazo made life very easy.”
Brian H.

“Dr. Dopazo and staff were not only professional but extremely kind. This was a positive experience for parent and child.” D.O. Rocks!!
Joy A.

“Dopazo Orthodontics is a great place to get Orthodontic work done.”
Kamlesh F.

“My daughter loved working with Dr. Dopazo so much in fact, that she has started talking about becoming an Orthodontist! I appreciated all of the extra touches Dr. Dopazo brought to the practice, beautifully redecorated office, delicious coffee, fun contests for patients and finally, the sweet thank you note she helped my daughter send me at the end of treatment.
Dr. Dopazo’s staff is wonderful, too, and always made us feel welcome and appreciated. We will definitely recommend Dr. Dopazo to our friends and will be back ourselves when Hadley’s little brother is ready for orthodontics.”
Christine P.

“Dr. Dopazo’s office will greet you warmly; treat you with respect and professionalism. They will communicate every step of the way to ensure you are an informed patient. Your smile will constantly reflect their highest level of service and orthodontic care.”
Mary C.

“Dr. Dopazo is everything you want in an orthodontist: Professional, competent and timely. But more importantly, she is kind, considerate and caring. Love her!”
Kelly S.

“In the world we currently live in, Medicine and Dentistry / opt. have become volume driven conveyer belt flow. Dr. Dopazo’s office is the exact opposite! Each patient is taken care of as if they are the only patient. The customer service goes above and beyond the norm! Highly, highly recommend this practice.”
Suzan M.

“After having 3 people in our family have braces, we can say Thank You !! Professional, experienced, always happy, we all loved the entire experience ! We have referred many of our friends and neighbors … And will continue to do so !! Thank you !!”
Kimberly Z.

“Doctor Dopazo was very professional, very pleasant, most informed, genuine and caring. She never rushed. She spent all the time needed with me to explain the procedures in great detail and ensure I understood. She is an outstanding dentist!

Renee, her assistant was equally well informed, polite, pleasant, very kind and professional.

I am most impressed! I would highly recommend Dr. Dopazo and her staff to anybody and I am delighted to come here for care.”

Sami A.

” From the 1st person I met when I walked in the office to the last one I saw walking out, all were so genuinely ‘customer friendly’: professional yet warm & sincere. Not many businesses offer this anymore. What an unexpected pleasure my trip to the orthodontist was!


Christi P.