One of the best things about our job, besides giving people the smiles they dream of, is having the chance to get to know so many interesting people. Your first visit is the first time we get to meet you, so we work hard to make the most of it. Ready to learn more about what to expect? Read on below.

The Basics

At our Jacksonville orthodontics practice, the first appointment takes about 50 minutes. The big even is the thorough examination we use to determine if treatment is needed, and if it is, what type of treatment will best suit your needs. Depending on what this examine finds, we may opt to schedule X-rays, photos, and impressions for the same day. If we do, your appointment will be extended by about an hour.

Answering Questions

Our Jacksonville orthodontist knows that patients always have a lot of questions—and we think that is a good thing. We want our patients to be informed and empowered when it comes to their treatment. Feel free to prepare a list of questions before you come, or just ask us as they come to you during the appointment. Your comfort is important to us, and the more you know, the better you will feel.

Please understand that we cannot easily answer questions over the phone. In most cases, the answers to orthodontic questions is vary based on the patient. To get the best answers, ask your questions in person so we can be as accurate as possible.

Help Us Help You

There are certain things that can help us provide you with better treatment. The more we know, the better the treatment we provide. If you have any of the following, please bring them to your first appointment.

  • Panoramic x-rays from the last six months
  • Insurance card
  • Important records from a previous orthodontist or your dentist

Open Communication

Our Jacksonville orthodontics team believes that quality orthodontic care requires open communication. We never want you to feel left in the dark when it comes to your treatment. We will thoroughly explain any recommendation we make and ensure that you understand what our recommend treatments will entail. Your responsibilities as the patient will always be clear and your care will never be compromised.

New Patient Forms

Want to speed up the process of your first appointment? Fill out the paperwork in advance. Fill out and print the correct form below so we can make your visit as speedy as possible.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have already made your appointment, we look forward to seeing you. If not, give our Jacksonville orthodontics practice a call!


You may access the following forms to assist us with your care. Please fill out the following forms, print them out and then bring them to your appointment.


*These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.Click the Adobe logo above to download.