Most people say they feel pressure or tightness after getting braces and sometimes after adjustment appointments. Minor discomfort is normal for the first few days after you get your braces and after adjustments appointments. Advil, Tylenol or ibuprofen should make any soreness disappears. Also, eating soft food, like pasta, eggs, bananas, soup, yogurt and ice-cream, may help. Some people say their teeth feel loose a couple of days after their visits here. This is also normal. As your teeth move to the correct position, they will feel loose. Don’t worry, this is temporary! The teeth will stop feeling this way once they are in the correct position.


Sometimes brackets and wires come loose. Here are some common questions and home remedies. As always, if you have any question or concerns, please call our office at (904)398-6461.

  • If you have a loose band or bracket that is still attached to the wire, leave it in place, and try to put wax on it. If the band or bracket is completely off, keep it for us, and call to let us know on the next business day.
  • If a wire is loose, try to put it back in place with tweezers. If you aren’t able to re-insert the wire, clip the wire using finger nail clippers behind the last tooth to which it is still fastened. If that is uncomfortable, place wax on the wire.
  • If a wire is poking, try to push it down using an eraser end of a pencil. If that is not possible, place wax on it.
  • If an appliance is loose, place wax on it.
  • If you have an ulcer on your cheek or lip, we recommend Colgate Sooth-N-Seal, Zilactin or Orabase-B for comfort. Also place wax on the appliance that is rubbing; wax will help smooth the area until your cheek gets used to your braces and toughens up. Ulcers generally take 7–10 days to heal. Warm salt water rinses may also aid healing. Call us if a lesion lasts more than 2 weeks.
  • If a separator has fallen out, call our office. If your next appointment is more than a week away, we’ll need to replace the separator a couple days before your next visit.

If you have tried these remedies unsuccessfully and wax is not enough to make you comfortable to get through until next business day, please call the office for the emergency doctor on-call.


When your braces are placed, you will be given a packet of aids for dental care while in braces, and we go over instructions thoroughly at that time. Be sure to remember that it will take a little bit longer to care for your teeth with braces. We have rewards for patients who keep their teeth clean!

  • Brush as often as possible! When you brush, make sure you get under, over, behind and around all surfaces of the teeth and braces. Also, rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing.
  • Use your Proxibrush between teeth and under the wire. You also might want to carry a Proxibrush with you in case you are not able to brush right away. Keep a Proxibrush in your backpack, wallet, pocketbook or glove compartment for a quick fix.
  • Use Phosflur, a fluoride rinse available over the counter at drug stores, every night.
  • When you floss, insert the floss behind the archwire. Carefully clean the sides of your teeth and under your gums with an up-and-down motion. Gently slide the floss out from between the teeth and proceed with the next tooth.

Be sure to schedule regular visits with your general dentist while you wear braces. The dentist needs to continue dental cleaning and monitor for cavities and other dental needs.